Don’t leave someone waiting

Gustavo G

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So, it’s the day of your driving exam that you have been waiting for. You go to the DMV, take the test and you pass it. You are exited and want to take someone out with your new driver’s license. You decide to ask that girl that you really like at school. She says yes, and you will pick her up at 7p.m Meanwhile for most of the day you are just driving around the city with your new license. You don not notice but you only have one hour to go home, get ready and go pick up the girl. You get home take a shower and remember that you haven’t had anything to eat during the whole day because you were too busy driving around with your new license. So, you made up your mind that you will just eat and drive on you way to pick up the girl. You are ready and got some left over from the fridge. You get in your car and start driving towards the girl’s car. You are eating and driving at the same time, but then suddenly the girl that you need to pick up calls you and you answer. you are having a conversation with the girl while eating and driving at the same time. Then you fork falls under you seat. You just think to yourself, “It will just be a quick glance”. You reach for you fork and the girl just hear a loud crash and she just hoped it was a malfunction, but the girl stayed at her house waiting for you. Don’t leave someone waiting and don’t multitask while driving.