Dear Driver

Hannah P

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Dear Driver, Hi there! You look so excited. Did you just get your driver’s license? Congrats! I’m sure you’ll make your instructors proud, As you stay under the speeding limit, and don’t play your music too loud. Now driver, before you go, I want to tell you something you need to know. I know you’ve heard it, but please don’t tune out Because this reminder is important, without a doubt. Remember driver, that when you’re on the road, There are other’s lives to think of besides your own. So, when you’re driving, and you hear your phone, Keep yourself and others safe by leaving it alone. I know this driver, because I was once like you, Giddy and anxious to get on the road too! Whenever I heard my phone make some beeps, I would pick it up to see notifications in heaps. One day, I was driving down the street, And found the roads covered in sleet. Despite this, I thought I was a good enough driver to see What my best friend had just texted me. I ran a stoplight as I read what was sent, And was jolted to see where I had made a dent. I hit a car, with a little girl inside. Because I couldn’t wait, because of me, she died. To this day I still think of that girl, Who never got to see her favorite ballerina twirl. Her parents grieved their joyous dancer. I ask, dear driver, that you do this for her: Turn off notifications for social media and texts To prevent your actions from being the next Result in a collision with another child or teen Who, unlike me, could leave their messages unseen. Dear driver, please remember this: Driving safely can be absolute bliss. If you were on your phone while driving, how would you feel, If when distracted, you took another’s life behind the wheel?