You Chose This

Justice O

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The moment you picked up your phone a choice was made. The choice to throw away your life. You knew the risks. All of the commercials, and ads but instead you chose to still pick up that dreaded phone. A daughter, sister and oh such a precious life. Were five seconds of looking at your friend’s post worth the life you just chose to throw away? Now I stand here at the scene of the accident and later at our funeral. Crying. Angry. Frustrated. We had so much to look forward to like college and becoming a doctor who saved lives. That was your dream. We just won’t be able to experience it. It is not our fault, however. The phone dinged so we just had to pick it up. That is what we chose to believe at that moment. That moment passed and now you lay in your car. Gone. How would our family cope and live with the fact that a post took the life of their beloved? We don’t know. We won’t ever know. But life will go on. For others at least and all we can do is pray that they learn from our mistake.