Emmaleigh Grace, RIP

Zachary P

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Emmaleigh Grace, age 7, went to heaven yesterday. Emmaleigh is survived by her dad, mom, older brother and little sister. Her dad will forever miss the apple of his eye, his first baby girl. Her mom will never get to fulfill her dreams of going prom shopping or helping her get ready for her wedding. Emmaleigh’s big brother is heart broken. He was supposed to be her protector yet couldn’t move fast enough to save her this time. Her little sister, Emmaleigh’s shadow, lost her role model and playmate. Emmaleigh was known for her contagious laugh and loving spirit. She enjoyed playing with her siblings, dancing with her friends and dressing up with her mom’s clothes and make up. Emmaleigh dreamed of growing up to be a police officer. She wanted to help others and make the world a better place, one person at a time. Emmaleigh will never be able to make her dreams come true. Why? Because I needed to know what time everyone was meeting before the football game. I thought it was important to check on where we were meeting. I was sure that I could glance at my phone and I’d be okay. I’m not okay. I’m alive but Emmaleigh is not. I looked at my phone for 2 seconds to learn that everyone was meeting for pizza and then going to the game. When I looked up, I saw Emmaleigh’s face. Emmaleigh was laughing, unaware that I was about to hit her. I also saw her brother’s face. He knew what was about to happen and tried to run to push Emmaleigh out of the way. My car reached her first. Emmaleigh flew into the air and landed, crumpled at her brother’s feet. Her brother held her as she took her last breath. He didn’t cry; he was strong for his little sister. He held her, telling her how much he loved her and that Grandma would be waiting to take care of her. I called for help but it didn’t matter. Emmaleigh was gone before they arrived. Emmaleigh is gone. Emmaleigh’s family is broken because I thought I could check my phone and it wasn’t a big deal. I will forever see Emmaleigh laughing then her brother holding her. I will forever hear him telling her how much he loves her. I will forever her hear mother’s scream when she saw what happened. Emmaleigh Grace’s family will forever be missing their little girl. All because I wanted to check my phone.