You Were My Best Friend

M'Kayla H

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You were my best friend. Since we were kindergardeners, life had been great. Every weekend. Every holiday. Every happy day. And every sad day. We were always together. We had been inseperable. That’s why it was no suprise that we were together that night. We were sixteen. Driving around, having fun like we always did. But you just had to ruin. You killed me. I told you stop texting your latest crush, while speeding. You were behind the wheel, and I knew how dangerous this all was. But you wouldn’t listen. You thought I was just jokong around. Does it seem like a joke now? Are you laughing? I’m not. After all those years of being the best of friends and always being there for each other, you failed me in the end. I’m gone and you were forced to mourn me. Why didn’t you listen?! We were going to go to college together. I wanted to get married and have kids someday. But that day will never come. The night of that accident will stand as the day you took my life from me, my family, and the people I had yet to ever meet. I’m not angry, my living best friend. I am hurt, sad, and disappointed. But, hopefully, my death will be a lesson for you. It’s not just your life in danger when you drive. It’s others’ also.