The Importance Of Life


My life is in my hands Your life is in my hands The importance of the grip of the wheel and the contact of freedom. The concentration and the affect of the frontal lobe. My decisions. Choose right or choose wrong? Your life is in my hands, my radio causing me to dance yet, I wont prance when I see the harm that I’ve done to you. Only if I choose my phone over you. My life is in my hands- my heartbeat trusts my decisions. Yet, should it? Trust me. My choice to wait to text back, to call back and to reach back for the wrong important thing. I’ve decided to do right, out of spite- your life is in my hands. Many choose to do wrong but I choose to do right because your life is in my hands. My life is in my hands- must you trust me and my choices? Whom to say the nervousness compares when it comes to the constant calls? Are the calls more important than the lives around me? My hand tingling on the wheel as I ask myself, which matters more? You or the phone. You win because your life is in my hands. My life is in my hands. We both win because I know better. So, I did best. I waited. Drive safe.


When it comes to driving safe- choose right. We all have choices and we made our choices with our frontal lobe. Who is more important? Your phone or the people around you? Once you’ve made a choice, it doesn’t just effect you but it also effects everyone else around you. Make good choices and do what’s right. Your life and other people’s lives are in your hands while you’re on the road.