You Finally Read My Text

Danielle P

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The football game’s away tonight I’ll have to leave by four The jeans I like have just been worn And could be on my floor I text my Mom to get her help They really must be clean What’s one more load of dirty clothes From one who’s just eighteen? My message goes unanswered What am I going to do? I can’t put in a wash myself I ‘m stuck in school till two I’ve sent a series of twelve texts The sound she can’t ignore If no response within an hour I’ll send a dozen more Oh good I just remembered I know she’ll be home soon She’s driving from her sister’s She should be home by noon When she gets home she’ll grab her phone And open every text She’ll make herself a cup of tea The wash she will do next The look of what I wear tonight Cannot be understated There’ll be a lot of older boys Including one I dated I’m shocked she’s opened all my texts She should be just arriving Her phone is always in her purse Especially when she’s driving By now my jeans are almost dry My worry’s made me dizzy So strange she never texted back She must be very busy The office call caught me off guard The school day’s almost over A child’s been killed right near my house My mother ran her over.