I Should of Known

Ryan H

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Driving down the road, I get a call A call from you, my brother I hadn’t heard from you Not for a while There was so much I wanted to tell you I got a new job I got top prize at my college’s art show I knew you’d be proud I just got engaged And we just got a dog All these things I wanted to tell you As I picked up my phone to answer, I veered Veered to the other side of the road I didn’t even see the semi-truck I didn’t feel it hit me All I remember is the sound of my ringtone That’s the last thing I heard Not your voice Not you saying you’re so proud of me Or you congratulating me on my engagement Or the new job Or my fiancé’s sweet voice Or the tiny barks of our new puppy It was my ringtone The sound of soft rock mixed with the crumpling of metal The crumpling of me And my brother And my mother And my father And my fiancé And my dog As they lied me to rest on that stormy mid-summer’s day My only thought is I should of known Should of known better than to pick up that phone