If They Loved You

Naterrian B


If they loved you they wouldn’t teach you bad habits If they loved you they would educate you on the dangers of distracted driving If they loved you they wouldn’t be apart of the cause for that text message or that phone call If they loved you they would follow rules they try to teach you Distracted driving is as much their fault as it is yours you have to take responsibility for your actions, but they must take responsibility for the impressions they left on you Don’t become a a distracted driver because your parents or peers decide to be If they loved you they would teach you better, but if you loved you then you would know better Love yourself and put the distraction away because your life is yours to live


I wrote this poem because when I was learning to drive my parents would always say don’t text and drive, but they did it all the time. I would watch as we were put in so many dangerous situations because my mother was texting or putting on make up. I just wanted to inform other drivers that they make an impression on the younger drivers around them.