Just Watch the Road

Felicia T


She gets inside her car and sets her phone down on the cellular device holder up on the dashboard. She sets the lunch she just bought in the passenger seat next to her. She turns the radio on to her favorite station turning the volume up not too high. She lowers her windows down a bit to let in the breeze. and begins to drive. “Did I ever text my best friend back?” She asks herself. She reaches forward for her phone, and picks it up. The device holder on the console senses that a weight has been removed and the music on the radio stops. A recording of her best friends voice begins to play. “Don’t pick up your phone crazy! Driving while texting is bad! And I’m not about to lose you today. Just watch the road.” She laughs at her best friends voice, puts the phone back down. And the radio continues to play. “This station is boring me.” She says to herself. She leans forward and begins changing stations. She adjusts the volume to hear which song to play. Just then the music stops and a recording of her mother’s voice begins to play. “Hey, Baby Girl! Messing with the radio is dangerous! I don’t want this to be the last time you hear my voice!” She smiles at the sound of her mother’s voice and stops messing with the radio. She decides she might as well begin her lunch before it gets cold. she reaches over and takes out her burger. “Where’s the ketchup?” She begins searching through her bag, not focusing on the road. Her car begins to drift into the other lane, and she hasn’t noticed. Just then her car begins to beep and the sound of her dad’s voice rings through the speakers. “My sweet daughter! I don’t know what you’re doing, but your car is drifting too much. Better get control of the steering wheel, because the only place you should be drifting is into my arms!” It says. She sits up really fast. She sees another car coming at her, she swerves back into to her lane just in time. She sighs. “I knew getting a car with special safety features was a great idea.” She smiles as she thinks of her best friend, mom, and dad.


In my piece of creative writing, I decided to create a new safety feature for cars. Many safety feautures in cars are just beeping noises. Imagine when you buy a car, you have the people you love send you recordings of their voices. you would then apply the recordings to certain parts of your car that cause a distraction. For example, putting all cellular devices into a cellular device holder that can detect when a device has been removed. Not only for the driver but everyone. With every distraction, comes a reaction. If no one in the car holds a device, nobody can distract the driver. If somebody were to pick one up off the cellular device holder, the driver would hear the recording of the voice of someone they love, which is more likely to affect them at that moment, and they’ll put the device back down. If every distracting feature of the car had that effect, the driver would focus on driving only. They don’t want the recording of their loved ones to be the last time they ever hear their voices.