Make Them Understand

Lucy L

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They won’t understand But they have to. Make them understand! Let’s try, shall we? First, we’ll set the scene There’s been a car crash The air is thick, You walk towards the crowd, You push past You see the car, You see the tree The lights are too bright, red white and blue The blaring sirens tune in and out You’re holding your breath You inch closer You dread what you’re about to see But you have to, So you continue But the barricade stops you. You look down momentarily You look up The crowd of officers has cleared And there she is, Horror fills your eyes as you fixate on her Her eyes are still open, her body lifeless. Blood is dripping down the side of her face Tears and screams You drop to your knees. That can’t be her, no. She said she was going out for a quick drive. No, no. That couldn’t be her. You suddenly feel hollow, There’s a lump in your throat, You feel numb. So, yes, make them understand. Show the pain and the agony They’re consumed by their devices Show them Somehow, someway Advertise the pain, the loss It’s reckless, it’s stupid It shouldn’t have happened, It shouldn’t be happening. Make them understand.