Solution for Safe Driving

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Eyes Always on the Road Driving has become something so common, it is like breathing. One will not know the dangers until it is too late. One minute you are breathing and the next thing you know there is a fire and you simply cannot get enough air to survive. The same idea applies to everyday driving person. You can go your whole life without an accident, but only one can end your life. It is the truth of the world and second chances are slim to none in a vehicle. That is the knowledge young kids must be implemented in their minds so that they can be aware and not only save their lives, but others. My mother first experienced being distracted on the road when I was very young. She was driving on 295, going above 70 mph. She went to look at her phone, she dragged her hand to the left and she lost control and flipped many times into the side of the road. It was a miracle she only left with bruises all over. If she would not have survived, I would not have the two little sisters I have today. These accidents that are caused by distractions must be put to end because one does not know what lies ahead of that person. The potential of greatness from that person is lost within seconds. The first step in the process relies on education. Children have nimble minds and easily take in information. With that idea, driving safe should taught be taught with such passion as in other subjects. The gruesome examples should be left out until the kids mature, but it is never too early to teach kids the dangers of being distracted while driving. It is like riding a bike. Once they know how to ride it, it is tough to forget. Basically, when they are young, they are on training wheels. When they reach to become young women and men, then the training wheels can be removed learn the vigorous stuff because their time to drive is near. An idea I believe that would help prevent distractions with technology is a two-way system. This is where the phone detects when the person is driving and so any other person trying to communicate the person driving is sent a message saying the person is driving. That way, the person trying to call is like “I will talk to him after he is done driving.” This would be a neat and efficient way of preventing unnecessary accidents on the road. Regardless of what technology helps prevent accidents, it always depends on the person driving. That is why the children must be groomed to the idea of being distracted while driving could cause death of not only themselves but others. Being apart of the next generation, we have that power for change and this is one important for all.