Did you mean that?

Rachel L


You’re living that good life. Adrenaline. It’s all you feel, as you speed down the road with the windows down, singing at the top of your lungs, with your friends in the car with you. Oh, how sweet the air smells, and how nice the sun feels on your skin, and hearing the laughter of everyone as you belt out the lyrics to that one song, You’re living that good life. Your phone vibrates in your cup holder, and you look at the road, confirming that nothing is there, you think “I’m good, let me text back real quick”, so you do. Did you hear that? No. Did you see that? No. Did you feel that? No. Suddenly you hear the screams, yells, weeps, you realized a child was struck by a car, who could do such a thing? You look around, all your friends are yelling, the mother of the child is weeping, and it’s you, that’s screaming. It’s your fault. You didn’t notice the child, because you looked down. And now you have to live with it. Did you mean to? No. Could you have stopped it? Yes.


This entry focuses on the immediate consequence of distracted driving and hitting someone. A lot of drivers overestimate their abilities and control of their vehicle when they are distracted. Moral of the story is don’t take a chance on distracted driving especially when you are uncertain what might be the outcome of it.