You Can Stop It, Keep It in Your Pocket

Vanessa D

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To the driver whose car is now one with hers I hope that text was worth it I hope that call was important I hope it was someone dear to you Because I just lost one of mine To the driver who was so foolish I hope you learned your lesson I hope you realized your mistake I hope it made you think Has it really come down to this? When you’d wager something so precious Just for a glance at your phone To the driver who walked out of this alive She didn’t deserve to become another statistic Her whole life was ahead of her Now it’s gone, along with your sense of responsibility Honestly, it’s a disgrace When we choose to be reckless And ignore the consequences And I find it quite twisted That we chose to disregard life Because of that little black screen So to the driver who still has a chance I ask of you to put down your phone Keep your eyes on the road Wait ‘till you get home Because no one deserves to become a statistic