Solutions for Reckless and Distracted Driving

Dexter M

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Distracted driving is when an individual; is driving while using a cell phone, whether texting , emailing or calling. This is a terrible habit that people have developed. Studies have shown that drivers who are talking on the phone while driving are 4 times more likely to get into a crash and 8 times more likely if they are texting. The human brain is physically unable to do all of the multitasking. Many people get lulled into the sense that nothing can happen to them inside their car so they pay less attention to the road and become much more reckless. More than 40% of accidents now are caused by distracted drivers. This number is continuously rising. This is why we need to find solutions for distracted driving. Silencing the phone while driving can avoid temptations to respond to a text or call. Many people are tempted to check their phone when they hear a incoming call or text from someone. That temptation can be eliminated by silencing their phone while driving. Another solution Is that a driver should lock their phone with a passphrase that’s a reminder not to text or call while driving. This will make the driver think twice about using their phone to text or call. Locking the phone in the trunk can also be another good solution. locking the phone in a place where it can only be reached after parking is a very effective solution because you will have no access to the phone. So then all you will be focused on is the road. Of coarse their are many more other solution that are good to follow, but I felt that these were the most important. Following these solutions for distracted driving can have a positive impact for the decrease for distracted driving deaths.