I listened

Catera I


I Listened. I listened. I listened to you when you told me to put the phone away. I listened to the driving instructor when they told me distractions cause accidents. I listened to the “Don’t Text and Drive PSA.” I listened to you when you told me not to turn my head for just one second. I listened to you when you told me to focus on my driving. I listened when you told me to have a safe drive and be home soon. I listened to you. I listened but now there’s scattered car parts on the street. I listened but now I hear the sirens coming near. I listened and did everything you said. But I can hear the paramedics saying “she may be dead”. I listened to you, every word you said. But listen, I did everything they said, its not my fault I may be dead. I buckled up, no distractions It’s time to take action. They didn’t listen to the statistics on texting and driving. The light turned green and I went But so did the car ahead. They were texting and driving, I heard. Dying is not what I deserved. They didn’t listen to the “Don’t text and drive” PSA I just don’t know what to say but.. I LISTENED.


This poem is from the perspective of a child who listened to their parents and everybody when it came to texting and driving. Throughout the writing she states that she listens to the warnings from her mom and others. Though another driver didn’t.