I listened

Catera I

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I Listened. I listened. I listened to you when you told me to put the phone away. I listened to the driving instructor when they told me distractions cause accidents. I listened to the “Don’t Text and Drive PSA.” I listened to you when you told me not to turn my head for just one second. I listened to you when you told me to focus on my driving. I listened when you told me to have a safe drive and be home soon. I listened to you. I listened but now there’s scattered car parts on the street. I listened but now I hear the sirens coming near. I listened and did everything you said. But I can hear the paramedics saying “she may be dead”. I listened to you, every word you said. But listen, I did everything they said, its not my fault I may be dead. I buckled up, no distractions It’s time to take action. They didn’t listen to the statistics on texting and driving. The light turned green and I went But so did the car ahead. They were texting and driving, I heard. Dying is not what I deserved. They didn’t listen to the “Don’t text and drive” PSA I just don’t know what to say but.. I LISTENED.