Reckless Driving Solutions by Martha Delgado

martha d

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Becoming of age brings many responsibility, from first job to first driving experiences. Being a first time driver distraction lies all around, from the radio to someone walking down the road but the most dangerous one that we all have in our hands are our devices we hold dearly to ourselves. A simple tactic to getting off your phone relies on the person but to me there’s a simple thing that can change the distraction groove. An app that can be made yet be able to control setting in our phones so distractions are limited. For new drivers at least. If there was an app implemented into phones that is available to ALL phones ( smartphone, IPhone, etc. ) that comes with a portable speaker in either a BlueTooth or Aux cord way. That way the Voice recognition of the app can make it safe to reply to texts, calls, and even music changes, repeats and much more! This would be a cheaper way instead of installing a expensive radio system that could be a struggle to have hands-on touching. This could help new driver become accustomed to driving with both hands on the wheel and a voice recognition system that can keep you and those that ride with you in a safe and contained bubble.