For Every Action, There’s a Reaction

Farid R

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Driving has become something very essential for our society. The necessity of moving from one place to another has increased, as distances grow longer and the roads continue to expand. While we drive, we are told by our instructors that we have to rely on all of our five senses in order to protect ourselves and others. The fact is that, even if we tried, no one is really in their five senses completely while driving, Even if we do our best to stay focused, we’ll always have the chance of being the victim of the mistakes of someone else and vice-versa. We live in constant danger every day, but for some reason, we choose to ignore it. It’s truly amazing how a small, simple distraction can have such a big impact; how a simple text can change your entire life in a split second. Reckless driving is slowly turning into a public enemy. Many people, especially teenagers, suffer injuries or end up in fatal accidents because of reckless driving. On paper, many of us would say that we are smart enough to avoid distractions while driving. We choose to be overconfident of ourselves and do the things that guide do disaster. Our logic is simple: “It’s just one message. It will only take me a second.” Sadly, this is more than enough time for an accident to take place; and all because we’re not capable of waiting to send that message. The first step to deal with this problem is to accept that it is in fact, a problem. Many people choose to think that their skills as a driver a good enough to avoid danger, but drivers are always in constant risk regardless of what they’re capable of. Our society has to understand that reckless driving is becoming something common and that many of us are guilty of doing such thing. We have to accept that it’s in our hands to solve this issue and that no one is exempt from accidents. Once that we are able to identify the problem, then we’ll be able to act. The second step to deal with reckless driving is to create awareness of the risks it brings to all of us as drivers. It doesn’t have to be something spectacular or unique; all that’s needed is to send the message. Just like it’s done with issues regarding DUI’s, advertisements can be a great start to create awareness. The usage of advertisements will reach a broad audience and will surely serve its purpose effectively with time. Personally, I haven’t seen any advertisement regarding reckless driving on TV, and I truly think that it would be a game changer for our society (which is now more attached to their screens than to their family). The third step to deal with reckless driving is to become an example for everyone else around you. Change starts with ourselves, and if we really want to make an impact, it is necessary to act in the right way. All that is necessary is to follow the rules and avoid the small distractions that can take our attention. Nothing is going to happen if you wait five minutes to reply to your friend about the plans you have for the weekend. We have to learn to be patient and responsible while driving; to learn that there’s so much more involved than just moving from one place to another. Accidents will always happen, and there’s no way that we can prevent every single one of them. This issue though is something that we can easily fix and turn into something positive. Distractions will be there to threaten our peace, but all we have to do is to look forward. To create a big change, we must start with ourselves and slowly expand with those who surround us. Are we willing to wait five minutes to reply to that text?