No Cellular Connection

Katherine D

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Jennifer glanced at the road as her fingers danced over the keys of her phone. She smiled, she couldn’t believe Suzie had just gotten a new puppy. She couldn’t wait to go over and spoil the little guy rotten. She glanced down at her phone as it buzzed against her palms. She smiled at the message and looked up. Her vision flashed red as she slammed down on the break. The squeal of tires did nothing to hide the scream of the unfortunate soul she had just run over. Her eyes were wide with horror as she stared at the bloody face looking at her with glazed eyes through her windshield. 5 days later… Trish walked out of the house and into the warm glow of the sun as it set high in the sky. She skipped down the cobblestone path as her sister walked out the door, cell phone in one manicured hand and the car keys in the other. Elizabeth chattered away at the door as Trish lazed in the car humming along to light country tunes. “Yeah, Suzie I know! I can’t believe Mr. Jenkins kicked her off the team!” Exclaimed Elizabeth as she clutched her pink nails to her chest. She continued after getting a sympathetic response from her friend. “I wasn’t her fault that loser walked into the middle of traffic.” She sneered as she walked up the car and threw open the door. Trist raised an eyebrow, watching as her sister leaned against the car door instead of getting inside. She folded her arms behind her head and tried to pretend that her sister wasn’t being a waste of oxygen at the current moment. She failed. “Liz get off your phone we have to go” she stated with her eyes closed. Liz glanced over at her sister before rolling her eyes. “Give me a second Trish.” “Now.” Liz huffed before climbing into the driver’s seat and slamming the door shut. She placed the key in the ignition as she responded to something Suzie had said previously. “I know my sister is so annoy…” Liz got cut off as the car started. “Hey!” She complained. Trish smirked as she lazily opened one eye. “Forgot about that didn’t you?” “Shut up.” Trish sat up and plucked the phone from her sister’s hand. “Do you want me to call Suzie and tell her you forgot about the auto jammer again?” Liz glared, harshly tugging on her seat belt before putting the car in gear. “I wish I was an only child” Trish’s smirked dropped as she frowned at her sister’s behavior. “I don’t.”