Why? I Didn’t Mean This

Zaharoula K

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It was around 5 pm when I got off from work,I work at a law firm on the opposite side of town. As I entered my car a blue Charger as I do everyday, I didn’t know my life was about to change forever. I am a workaholic and whenever my phone rings it’s probably a client or just from work in general. I was halfway from my house and my phone began to vibrate. I normally do not pick up my phone when I drive, but I just did. It was work and I was texting a client, but what I didn’t know was that there was a car uphead. I never anticipated the car in front and in a matter of minutes there was a loud sound and it was my car rearending the car in front of me and causing both cars to spin out of control. Somehow what felt like an eternity I managed to get out of my car, but I cant say the same for the driver of the other car.The other car hit a tree, and as I walked up to the car I noticed a baby seat in the back seat. My heart began to drop as the driver of the car from my vantage point wasn’t moving and I heard no cries. The police and ambulance arrived, I was fine, only a minor concussion but the two passengers of the car were not. A father and his 5 year old daughter were pronounced dead at the scene. I began to cry, knowing that I killed two innocent lives and that I would be arrested for manslaughter. This came true as I sit from a jail cell which I will spend 5 years for, because of a text. I warn those who text and drive, because its not worth hurting others and ruining your own life in the process.