Frank P


Poor decision-making is where the problem starts. Lack of focus behind the wheel, can make driving very hard. Everybody, world-wide, needs to get involved All we need is a safety guide, and our problems will be solved. Starting with that pesky phone, please put it away. Everyone can make a change, why not start today! Driving at 10 and 2 easier than you know. Release some air in your tires when driving through the snow. Injuries can be avoided with a couple simple steps. Veering into other lanes are signs that you haven’t slept. Education Outreach Coordinators will come into your school. Safety tips are lots of fun and those were just a few. Any time you feel distracted, Focus on what’s at stake. Educators on safe driving are here to save the day.


I wanted to create a poem that everyone could connect with. Now a days teens and adults alike are distracted behind the wheel of their vehicle. With the proper education tools, people will learn to leave their distractions at home, or clear their mind of distractions before getting behind the wheel. Also, people need to be educated on how to properly maintain their vehicle. You would be surprised as to how many people do not know how to even add wiper fluid to their vehicle.