Taigan B

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All of the friends get in the car. They slide in and get settled, choosing comfort over safety the minute they decide that seatbelts are stupid. “Hey, let’s get the music started!” the blonde girl in the back yelled. She lunged forward and plugged her phone into the aux cord, and turned the volume dial up so much that the car started to vibrate. The girls got onto the highway and started heading to the city. They had the entire day planned out. The driver’s phone went off, and she picked it up to read a text. The girl in the passenger seat suggested, “Do you want me to get that for you?” “No, it’ll be fine, it’s not like I am not paying attention to the roads or anything. It’ll be perfectly safe” the driver replied, continuing to swipe up and down, and text back the sender of the message. Click. As the sound of her message sending had finished, the driver looked up to see the last thing she would ever see. — “5’8″, blonde hair, female,” the police officer reports the demographics of the last girl they found in the crash. “Were any of them wearing seatbelts?” another officer asks. “No. That must be why they didn’t survive. They also had no I.D.’s. We ran them through facial recognition software as well. There were no matches for any of the girls. They are nameless.”