Thank You, Mom, Dad

Alexandra P

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I got into the car and closed the door behind me. It was my first time driving alone and I was jittery, nervous and excited. This felt like a huge milestone in my life, finally able to drive without parental supervision. I turned the key in the ignition, put on my sunglasses, and went to put the car into drive. Then I remembered: my seatbelt. There was never a time in my life that neither my mom nor my dad put their seatbelts on. I took the extra five seconds to do so. Thank you, Mom, Dad. I was sitting at a stoplight waiting for my turn to go. I heard my phone go off from where it sat in the passenger seat next to me. I reached for it and picked it up before I remembered. In all seventeen – almost eighteen – years I had been alive, I never once saw either of my parents on their phones when they were behind the wheel. As I put my phone down, the light turned green. I continued on my way. Thank you, Mom, Dad. I was driving down a busy road with cars on either side, all around me. On the radio, my favorite song of the week came on and I reached over to turn the music up. Then I remember what my dad always told me when I asked him to do just what I was doing: “I need to hear what’s going on outside the car in case something happens.” My mom agreed with him. So instead, I turned the music down until I could hear the engines of the cars next to me. Thank you, Mom, Dad. Thank you, Mom, Dad, for teaching me how to be a safe driver not only with words, but with actions as well. I was reminded all too well the other day about what happens to those who are not. My best friend got into an accident she was the cause of. She was alright, but it still scared me half to death. She was on her phone texting, just like you taught me no to do. I could have lost a friend this week because of her own stupidity. I kept telling her to drive safer, telling her to put down the phone and turn down the music. She did not listen, and it almost got her and someone else killed. Maybe she will listen to me now that she has seen that I was right all along. Maybe now she will drive safer. Thank you, Mom, Dad.