It could have waited

Jocalyn G

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It was a terrible dream wasn’t it? The streets were empty, the sun was high in the sky, and you, well you were driving as usual. All those commercials about texting and driving made you not want to do it. So what was different about this day? The girl/boy that you liked finally commented on your picture. You pick up the phone to check it then boom. You didn’t see the car coming but it saw you, it just couldn’t stop on time. Your gone know and all of your family is crying at your funeral, with their eyes red and puffy. It all looked so real in your dream, you know know not to look at your phone while driving. You know now, after that realistic dream that you should never answer your phone while driving because once your gone that’s it. No coming back, don’t put your family through that grief. Wait to answer the text or the call. Its worth it.