Don’t Text and Drive

Hannah S

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Don’t text and drive If you want to stay alive. Put down the phone And you’ll make it home. Your mother is waiting, Contemplating What could be taking you so long. But there is something she does not know. That last text you sent pushed you to and fro. Into the other lane you went Head on collision your car was bent. By the semi, it toppled over Your mother’s sweet baby smashed by fate Of that great big semi your small car ate. The sound of people running to your baby’s side If she put down that phone she might have survived. And on that note I would like to quote A few good words From those wise nerds. Most teens think texting’s a sport But in a mothers eyes, it’s nothing of the sort. And so this poem goes to show Get off your phone, it’s not your time to go. Turn it on silent while you drive Your mother wants you home and to see you alive.