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The text can wait, for if its to save a life, to save YOUR life, that text can wait. Wait till you get home, to wait till your next destination, it’ll be worth it. So easy in a flash of an eye your world can turn upside down in a blink of an eye. To have caused that pain to that family, to feel regret and guilt. Such a simple act of a text “hey..” leading to a life changing, heart dropping, tears falling, regret feeling…. that can all be avoided by ignoring that text and focus on the long road ahead, focus on getting home safe and sound to your family, to a good home cooked meal… wait till you get home to explore and catch up on what you’ve missed out… it probably wasn’t much but life is worth the wait. “oh but it was one text–one snap” It only takes the one text or that one snap. Its tempting but fight the urge. Wait…. Because life is worth living