Looking at Another Collision While Driving

Zoey K

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Looking at Another Collision While Driving (AKA Distractive Driving) Poem By: Zoey Kutch Don’t look at that collision and become s l o w e d Pay attention to the road! Imagine if you wrecked YOUR car, You might end up with more than a scar… Sacrificing your life, just to take a look A second later you’re lying face down in the soot. Since you began to go slow, and the car behind you didn’t know, You ended up going through the window. No matter how tempted you are to see, remember you could injure more than three. You could maybe break your knee or possibly run into a tree. So don’t cause another accident or you could be the next applicant in the nearest hospital, feeling a little brittle Drive safe my friends and you will see, driving without distractions is the way to be! I hope you all learned a lesson, that the life you’re living is a blessing!