Dear Mom

Naia P

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You taught me to be responsible, And how to act behind the wheel. You taught me to be defensive, I’m sure you never thought this could be real. As I’m lying on the pavement, Wondering how this came to be, I always put my phone away, So how did this happen to me? You taught me to be vigilant, To always look around. My vision is fading fast, And soon I can’t hear sound. I always followed the speed limit, And turned the radio down. Now I’m lying here so cold, Dying in the middle of town. You warned me of other drivers, But I never thought it could be true, Who would risk the life of another? And risk their own life, too? Mom, I wish you could be here right now, Telling me it would all end up okay. I wish I could be holding your hand, Because I have so much to say. I didn’t drive distracted, But I’m still the one to die, For someone else’s mistake they made, Mom, please, try not to cry. I love you so much, Mom. You have helped me out a ton. Make sure this never happens again, So other kids can still have fun.