Megan G

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Today is my eighteenth birthday, my parents haven’t wished me happy birthday yet, did they forget? The phone suddenly rings, it’s you. I’m so excited, we haven’t talked in so long! I try to answer, but for some reason, I can’t pick up the phone. I listen to your voicemail, why do you sound so sad? My parents buy me some flowers, they remembered! Wait! Why are they taking them to the exit on the interstate? Sometimes, I wonder about those people! Today is my graduation, Oh! Look! They saved me a seat, right in the front row! I’m so excited, they announce the valedictorian, everyone looks at each other sadly, oh well, they are probably just jealous. My best friend comes over and hands my mom her rose. My mom starts crying and has to leave the room. They announce your name, why aren’t you there? After the ceremony, everyone releases balloons with my initials on them, I’m going to miss my class so much! Today is our first anniversary, but I’m not there. You see a picture of us, but you hide it behind your dresser. You look out your window and see your jeep, you spent so much money restoring it. You want to scream and cry, but you feel nothing anymore. I don’t feel anything anymore either. Today is supposed to be the day I leave for college, but I can’t. You get to go off to college, but I don’t. I wanted to be with you for so long, but I shouldn’t have because you were the death of me. You were on your phone, even though I told you to get off of it again and again. I should have been more adamant. You weren’t paying attention and you went on the exit the wrong way, the other car tried to swerve, but couldn’t get out of the way in time. I forgive you, but your distracted driving was the death of me.