It All Started with a Bird

Lia B

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I hit a bird once with my car. It was just a second, just a second that I looked away from the road to glance at a notification that appeared on my phone. It was in that second, that a life was ended. I know it may seem silly to be so concerned about a bird, but as I got out of my car to view the damage my heart clenched, and my gut wrenched. The once alive and flying bird had become a mangled and feathery mess, with its wings sprawled in awkward angles, its beak still full of food wide open to the side. This bird probably had family it was heading to go feed, and now it would never have the chance ever again. Now again, I know this whole situation might seem a bit ridiculous to some, but imagine if this bird had been a person. I would not have the luxury of going home and just explaining to my parents that I only hit a mere bird. No, I would be explaining to the family that I had made a terrible decision which took their loved one away. I would then have to live with that for the rest of my life. It is said that texting is dangerous, but looking at your phone in general, is a danger. When you look at your phone, you are saying that whatever is on that screen is more important than the people around you. Who is to say that a thin square piece of metal with glowing icons is more important than a life? Who gives anyone the right to make it justified? Messages are all around telling us not to text and drive. It is on billboards, on the bumpers of cars, television, and radios yet we continue to do it. We think to ourselves, that will never happen to me, or I’m a good driver, or even, I’m only looking away for just a second. Seconds can have repercussions. Clearly these messages that are almost everywhere, aren’t getting through to people especially teen drivers. However, do you know what really makes people cringe and feel the most uncomfortable? The no smoking commercials. they are extremely graphic and make almost anyone want squirm in their seat. Why can’t that happen with no texting and driving commercials? Perhaps they need to be just as graphic to get the point across. It is what makes people uncomfortable that they being to realize the full extent of the issue and really think upon it.