Watching from the Sky

Amber K

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I watch from the sky. I see my family and friends drying their eyes. Why? Why are their eyes red and puffy. Why do they weep and hug and cry. Why am I not with them? Why am I watching from the sky? What had happened, why am I here? What so greatly happened on earth that I am no longer there? I must remember something? oh my oh dear. . . “what time do u think you’ll get here?” I read that very clear. The rest of my memory is foggy. . .oh wait. My thumb moves, one hand on the wheel. My eyes covered from the road by my phone like a shield. I start to respond. . . BAM! SKRR! I’m in the air filled with fear. Laying in the grass, unable to move, sirens surrounding my ears. Now I’m watching from the sky. My family and friends cry. This could have been avoided, if a text response I did not try. Do not text and drive.