I can’t understand.

Olivia M


I remember that day, As if it was today, The lights, The sirens, Hoping to God it wasn’t him. I paced, Back and forth, Back and forth, I couldn’t understand. I waited for answers. Who was it? What happened? The doorbell rang. Two officers stood, talking. I couldn’t understand. An accident had happened. He was out with his friends that night. My brother was gone, They all were. I fell into my father’s arms. Wondering why him? Why our family? What happened? I couldn’t understand. Why was a text, More important than my brother’s life. Why do people still text and drive? What text matters more than someone’s life? I can’t understand.


This is a nonfiction poem about my older brother who was killed in a car accident in 2014. He was with his 3 other friends driving on a road by our house. The driver was texting, while driving over 90 mph and killed all of them on impact. This is my way of showing why no one should drive distracted, and it is straight from the heart.