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Rebecca N

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Swathed in black, the world is grey. Everyone who ever loved them gathered for an important occasion: but too soon. Grief enhanced by the knowledge that the killer was still out there: no amount of justice would suffice for this murder. Why, why, why, why, why did this have to happen? None of them ever expected to be in this situation. They’d heard the stories, but no one can truly understand the pain without being in that situation. A mother calling for their child, friends feeling the gaping hole left by their absence. Worlds gone, all because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Eulogy reads: killed when the car behind them failed to stop. In another corner lives remorse. Curled up in fines and debts, and the knowledge that they are a murderer. A tail of darkness follows them, whispering their sentence. The court too kind to this killer, they’re allowed to live their life. Sure to never make that mistake again. By day they smile, nothing is amiss. By night, alone, guilt crashes down on them as they relive it and ask themselves: Why? Was that text really that important? Was the weight of a life worth the conversation they were having? They couldn’t even remember what it was about. This was the real punishment: the everlasting guilt of a life they never knew.