Bluetooth Application

Katy G

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There are many times that when a person turns on the news, there is a story on crashes that involve teens that are caused by reckless and distracted driving. There are many ways to solve and end the amount of reckless or distracted driving. One of the main issues with teens is driving distracted while using their cell phone. Whether it be a text, a phone call or even taking a selfie, teens tend to do this and not think of the critical nature of their actions. They become unaware of their surroundings and many times will result in a car crash that can harm themselves or others. One solution that can be very helpful and decrease the amount of distractions in a car is by installing an application that will connect to the cell phone. When putting the car in drive, the Bluetooth application will automatically come on and the application will then shut down the cell phone. It will not only shut down your cell phone but the cell phone of anyone that drives in your car. This way, friends cannot distract you by asking you to turn so they can talk a picture or start reading texts from friends. There will be an emergency process included where a contact list will be set up on the device. With the application being Bluetooth, you can request to call the selected people on your emergency list. Every time your car is in park, the application will turn your cell phone back on automatically. By having the cell phone put away and turned on off, you won’t be able to see or hear it. This will make it safer to focus on the road and your surroundings. You don’t need your cell phone while driving, there are many ways to drive and not have it quiet. For example, simply having a conversation with passengers, listening to music or even an audio book. I truly believe this device will be a great way to decrease this problem that frequently happens all over the world. This device would help this problem greatly and driving will be safer for the individual and those around them.