Brandon A

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As kids we think the faster we drive The more are popularity status will thrive As kids we think we have to answer the update Yet we now lost control of our fate Bluetooth speakers are there for a reason They are not just a fad We can start using it a tad The ones who commit suicide are judge how they could do that Yet when you pick up the phone you are losing your control of life We are in nature wanting to be in control yet give it up The moment we pick up the phone When our attention is focused on something other than the road If we leave our phones away we will see many more Doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and parents When we have our phone we risk our life Is life worth risking for a text? We fell away from having the courage to call someone If we used our bluetooth to actually call a friend and talk We would not have to take any focus off of the road Trying to figure out the easiest and safest way to live is not always the best We should worry about driving and just forget about the rest