Texting While Driving

Nicolas W


The solution to texting while driving is rather simple in the light of new technology. Some phone apps have already caught on. Modern phones can now be programmed to stop operating when they reach a speed higher than the average runner. Now I am not suggesting that phones be made to shut off at 15 mph, but it is possible to program phones to automatically place themselves onto do not disturb mode. Now this alone is not enough to stop people from texting while driving, so if the method of 3-D stickers being placed on the roads gets adopted my more states then the number of incidents may very well decrease. it is true that people will start to remember where the stickers are, but the initial shock of a new driver believing they had just run over someone will be enough to keep people off of their phones while driving.


Texting while driving can be decreased through a mixture of 3-D stickers on the road and programmed phones that automatically switch to silent, or do not disturb at speeds higher than the runners average.