Sara B

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He had his phone out. He was talking to my mom. I was in the car with him. His hand slid down to the knob of the radio and turned the volume up. He was focused on the radio and talking to my mother. He then stopped at McDonald’s and got a big mac and a drink. As usual, he drove off while eating. I told him, “You know, you need to focus more on driving than other things.” He said, “I can multitask.” He didn’t believe me. Some people don’t believe distractive driving is bad. My step dad thought everything would be alright. But as he was driving and eating, he didn’t notice a car drive right towards us. I shrieked as the car hit us. Food went flying as our car got hit. You see, eating/drinking, turning your volume up, and calling someone while on the road is distracting. Do you want to be dangerous out on the road? Don’t let that person be you. Don’t believe that it’s bad and can hurt someone even yourself? Well, you won’t know till it happens to you.