Did You Know?

Anji C

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Hey, can you see me? Over the sight of the stranger you’ve never seen before? A man is sleeping behind the wheel ever so quietly behind the shattered glass—the result of the collision. A stranger to you, but who was he to others? Perhaps a son, a husband, a father… maybe an uncle, a cousin, or friend. To those people, he was an irreplaceable individual. The life that was taken can never be given back to them. Did you know? Hey, can you hear me? Over the whispers of witnesses and dialing of phones? Just seconds ago, your phone was in your hand. Why don’t you pick your phone up now? Call for help—for 911. A phone can save a life, but it can take a life as well. Did you know? The blare of the sirens and shouts of your parents. They’re crying, you know? It’s for your sake. Your father and mother are reaching for you. They wanted you to know, they trusted you. “No distractions or messing around. Drive safely and come home soon.” Taking their words for granted was a mistake. They wanted to warn you, to keep you and others safe. Did you know? Don’t turn away now. Look. At the destruction, the sadness, the anger, and the guilt. A single distraction can such a thing. Did you know?