I Remember

anjila b

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I remember the day we were fighting, I remember how your brows scrunched together with rage. I remember those words I said to you, so biting, I remember how you began to pout, how you began to cry. I remember turning up the radio and wishing your wailings goodbye. I remember there was a ding, how it was a ding of sorrow, I remember it was the ding that would steal your tomorrow. I remember I should have waited, I remember I should have ignored. Should-haves don’t really matter now that your blood has already poured “Mommy says no texting while you drive!” I remember you grumbled. “well mommy doesn’t have to know” I remember I mumbled. One bright flash, the sound of complete silence. I remember in just one moment, your soul became timeless. I remember how I never got to say goodbye. I remember that I never even got to cry. I sit here now at where it happened, remembering how you corrected every mistake I made. all the lessons you taught me. This time however, I learned them too late.