Distracted driving kills

Ethan W

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*Train horn blows in the distance* *LaMello is driving his brand new car and calls his mom to tell her about it* LaMello: Hey mom just got my new car on my way home… yeah it drives great….. Of course i am paying attention to the road *takes a drink of his coffee* *train horn blows and is about ¼ mile away* LaMello: yes mom i know how to drive… I know i need to pay attention *he tries to cross the railroad tracks not hearing or seeing the train because of his distractions* 10 ½ hours later *LaMello wakes up from his surgery after being hit by the train* *doctor walks in* Doctor: Son, you are one lucky young man that wreck should have killed you but you only lost a leg. *LaMello looks down and is missing his right leg* LaMello was 17 years old and was a track star. LaMello was distracted and lost a leg. Don’t be a distracted driver. You increase your risk of injury and even death when you are a distracted driver. In 2015, there were 391,000 injured drivers because of distracted driving. Also, in 2015 there were 3,477 deaths related to distracted driving. Do yourself and your family a favor don’t drive distracted. This was a story that was made up for the purpose of distracted driving awareness.