Second Chance

Julia Y

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Did they know it would be the last time they saw the sun? The last time they would hear be safe, the starting of the engine and the last ring of their phone. If they knew would they take it back, if given a second chance would they ignore the call? Life is so short, so fragile and yet it is taken for granted, how many distractions does it take? There are multiple reasons for distracted driving but none of them are ever justified, especially when it leads to a collision. At least one in four of all car collisions involve phone use, however, phone usage is not the only distraction while driving. Distractions include eating and drinking of any liquid, angry drivers, objects on the road, and passengers. One distraction may be more of a common threat but each distraction is equally dangerous and can result in a fatal collision or a crash. Teen drivers are not the only ones subject to these distractions, older generations believe they can handle looking at a text or eating a burger while driving but the possibility of a collision is not lessened. Young or old we must all learn how to have self-control and drive safely, 4000 teens lose their lives in crashes each year, and 75% of fatal teen crashes do not involve alcohol. Distractions are dangerous, have self-control, the text can wait, the food isn’t going to run away, your friends or children can be quieter.