Love Emma 2017

Lourdes S

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Dear Past, Here are the words I never said: That night everything froze and the sky turned dark. My eyes closed, and I found myself looking at the girl I used to be. That girl was responsible. That girl was going to get a masters degree in psychology. She was a dreamer, she used to fill the air with music that no one could duplicate. She knew what was right, yet she didn’t think her future would be ruined by her carelessness, but the thing is she didn’t think. “Every year about 4,000 teens lose their lives in crashes.” Mrs. Gonzalez said to my senior class once. I didn’t think it was big deal because I didn’t know I would become a statistic. I didn’t understand how I could throw everything away for a phone call. “One in four of all car collisions involves phone.” I heard the news say when they announced my death, while I heard my mother cry at the other end. I was only 17 when I died. I never: kissed a boy, I never hugged my mom goodbye; I never got my masters degree. I never will. If I could go back in time, I would have never picked up that phone. I would have given all my attention to the road. Now as I look at my grave I realize that time will never give me that back. Love Emma, 2017