Change Starts With YOU

Evie D

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The worst thing about distracted driving is that it is so easily avoided. Many driver’s mentality is “I need to go somewhere and I need to go NOW” without any regard towards other people, whether there are other drivers on the road or pedestrians. Imagine this: the screeching of tires, the sickening thud of a body, the smell of burnt rubber, the wail of sirens in the charged air. This is the result of reckless driving. When in court, everyone will be pointing fingers and shifting blame. “It was the driver’s fault!” “The pedestrian is at fault!” However, in the end, the bottom line is this: Reckless driving can end lives faster than you can blink. Boom. That was a person’s life just now, an individual with a whole future ahead of them, an individual with a family, friends, aspirations and dreams. And you are the reason that was all taken away. The solution is a simple one: be mindful of others when driving and pay attention.