Scared for the Right Reasons

Audrey K

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This year I will graduate high school. I’ve already made so many achievements. I’ve gotten accepted into college. I’ve decided what I will do with my life. The one thing I have not done, you ask? I have not gotten my license. I’ve never lost anyone I love due to distracted driving. That doesn’t mean I never will. I have had loved ones get into accidents due to it, however. That’s why I can’t bring myself to drive. Every time I sit in the driver’s seat, my mind starts to race. Will I get in an accident due to being distracted? Will I, or someone else, change my life forever? How can distracted driving be stopped? Please don’t take your eyes off the road. That text can wait. If you’re too tired to be on the road, don’t be on it. Every time someone gets in a car, they’re risking their life. Don’t let this drive be the last. Above all, never drive under the influence. Yes, I am scared of driving. I’m scared that I won’t take all of the right steps. I’m scared that I’ll let something slip. Every time I think of driving, my stomach turns to knots. I’m scared that someone will lose their life because of wrecklessness. I may be paranoid. I’m probably paranoid. However, distracted driving is a problem that can be solved. We can solve distracted driving together.