This Death is by Choice

Avery S

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When I was 12 years old I watched my best friend’s mother die of cancer. She never smoked a cigarette, never drank over two glasses of red wine on a special occasion, always made it to the gym and ate well, but all it took was a year. I watched this woman, a second mother to me almost, deteriorate in front of me knowing there was nothing I could do except grab her bottled water from the fridge so she wouldn’t have to get up. Yet, she still tried her best to act normally. Then the inevitable: her hair fell out, the weight fell off, dark circles formed under her eyes, and the color of her skin left her cold. She passed about five years ago. My friend’s mom didn’t have a choice. Cancer chose her and that was it, she didn’t have any say about it. It didn’t care that she had a daughter or a husband or a career. When YOU get behind the wheel distracted by anything, you are making the choice that wasn’t given to Natalie’s mother. You are choosing to take a life where her mother couldn’t. Her death was decided by fate. Through driving while distracted, this next death is on your hands. This death is by choice.