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Finally the bell rings! I had been sitting in history for who knows how long, listening to my teacher drone on and on about who knows what. Columbus or something. I grab my book bag and run towards the door. At my school if you don’t get out right away you get stuck in the overly crowded hallways. My best friend hold on to my book bag as we push our way down the stairs and over to the exit doors, where my boyfriend waits for me. I smile and wrap my arms around his neck. “Hey babe!” He chirps. “Someone’s in a good mood! Hurry up though I have to get home.” Today was my first day driving home from school on my own. I was eager to show my parents I could handle it, so me and my boyfriend hurried out to the student parking lot. “Remember to drive safe okay babe? Keep your eyes open and text me when you get home.” He looks at me worriedly. He always worried. I had made this drive a billion times, just this time I wouldn’t have my mom screaming next to me. If anything this would be safer. I rolled my eyes at him and laughed. “Love, I’ll be fine. I’ll text you the second I turn my car off.” I said and I was getting in the drivers seat and turning the key. “Bye!” And with that I was off. Everything went quite smoothly. I avoided all the pot holes, always used my blinker, and stopped for a three count at all stop lights. I don’t know what everyone is so worried about! I turned on the radio and heard a cheesy pop song I hated. I looked down for one second to change stations, and got hit on the side by someone who ran a red light. My tiny bug was no match for the truck that hit me and I went spinning through the intersection. Adrenalin took over an I tried to brace myself for what was to come, but I knew nothing could stop me. After what felt like ages my car collided with a tree and my head slammed into the window next to me. That cheesy pop song was the last thing I ever heard. My boyfriend sat worrying by his phone for hours until my mother called to tell him I was at the hospital in a coma. I haven’t woken up yet, and I can feel everyone losing hope. My mom sits by my bedside, numb. My friends and my boyfriend have all stopped visiting. There’s no hope for me. But there’s hope for all of you! On average, 3287 people die every day in a car accident. Most are below the age of 44. Please when you drive, look where you are going! The text can wait, you can sit through one more red light before you drive into the intersection, running the stop sign wont save you any time. But being patient and safe may save a life. Drive smart. Save lives.