Distracted Driver’s biggest Mistake

Tori A

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I drive fast avoiding the signs, avoiding the lines, My phone screen shines bright in my face, where is this place? I receive a text, making my phone vibrate, it wouldn’t hurt to check it, Right? The light is green…no yellow. It’s red, no..its green, i think. My car takes speed. I fight, the urge, to look back at my kids, squealing, screaming in the back seats. Please keep quiet, Silent, non-violent*, is the road ahead. Who needs to worry about the signs around everywhere then. There is no one else here, to cause an accident, no one here to get hurt. Again, my wife warns me to keep my eyes up right,open,hands tight, on the wheel. What? That seemed too surreal, who even does that anymore. We multitask nowadays, my life is now in a haze, black and white, pain surging through my veins. My pulse, is racing, these split seconds between life and death.Death chose me in these lanes, choosing me and my family but took everyone but me with it. Who knew there would be a pole right in front of me and a car behind, myself, i will never remit, Smoke fills my lungs i have to get out of this car fast, I don’t have time to think now, the cars is in flames.Last, and only I was able to get out of that car, blood stained my hands.A fire was once lit, in my soul, now is blown out by the winds of chaos. As I watched my family go up in flames, there lives were not games, to be played by me just because I did not believe in automobile safety, the only one without their seat belt on, the only one with their eyes glued to their phone, the only one driving. So hasty, was I on the road, so unaware of my carelessness, my intoxication, my own demise. Please be wise, be safe,focus, buckle up, sit up straight in your seat, check for cars on and at every street. Cause lives are too precious to let waste away still so young and eager to live, on an inattentive, unsafe driver, who’s life, my life i would now give, to only get them back, another second to simply, live.