Cell Phones can help us stay off our cell phones?

Shane W


We’ve all been impacted by either a personal experience, a story from a friend, or simply just a commercial advertising safe driving; but have any of us actually taken any steps to prevent the problem that is right outside our doors every day? The answer to that question is no, and here’s why. People think that as long as you ignore phone calls, drive the speed limit, and come to complete stops at stop signs the world would be a better place, and they’re not wrong, but not even close to correct. The fact that reckless and distracted driving is the #1 cause of death for teenagers in America is beyond pathetic, and the answer to our problems is probably in your pocket right now. The cell phone is a revolutionary invention and is part of the electronic advancements that are slowly taking over our lives. Little do we know; the cell phone knows more than we do. What we, the human race, have yet to achieve is a way to use this “smart phone” to keep us safe. By programming each phone to enter a sort of sleep mode when it senses that it is inside a moving vehicle of some sort, people would have no choice but to put it down and enjoy the ride. This “phone paralyzing” installation into all cellphones during the ride would aggravate the passengers to insanity, but what we lack nowadays is the art of communication. So not only do you have the opportunity to stay alive past your teens, but you get to learn new things about people and have a real, face to face conversation with your buddy. So, you might miss messing around with snapchat filters and swiping right on tinder at a red light, but now you can enjoy your life and really focus on the road in front of you. You know, pay attention to that thing that holds your life in its hands? Yeah, that thing.


I’m no programmer, but we have people that do that for a living, so the idea is a step in the right direction. A new installation in all cell phones that “paralyze” any cell phone in the car would provide for a much more safe, and informational car ride with your friends. Instead of being distracted and swerving all over the road because your texting your buddy to be ready in two minutes, you can drive safely, with all your limbs and both halves of your brain. Whatever it is that is waiting for you on your cell phones can wait, because you have a life to live.