Mark M

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Hey Hello? I know you can hear me Don’t ignore me; that’s rude I don’t care what you’re doing I need you now What’s that? You will put me in your pocket? Good luck, i’ll just buzz harder How about the glove box or the center console you say? The ringing will only get louder and louder until you answer What? You put me on silent? That’s alright I have a different type on ringtone You won’t hear it but it will make you think about me more and more until you pick me up again Well? Finally, you decided to listen to me! Doesn’t that feel better? Just don’t forget about that pickup tru- Hello? Not this again I know you can hear me Don’t pretend like you’re sleeping and why has the car stopped? Come to think of it, why did the truck stop? That driver looks like he’s sleeping too Hey Hello?