Waiting for the Inevitable

Angela S

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Oh, look A new text from my boyfriend, A funny snap from Tiffany, An upturned car on the other side. Oh, listen To that new song from Ed Sheeran, To that hip-hop dancer on the street, To that news anchor going crazy. Oh, savor A lovely Bluebell ice cream, A lime sherbet melting in my mouth. Right now Everything is green, Everything is go, Nothing is stopping me now, Until I reach my dreams. I’ve got Everest to climb, And I can’t wait for anyone. Oh, the bliss Joy, joy, joy. Wait a second Why is my car jolting, Why is my dog barking, Why is my phone flying, Why is a white bag exploding, Why did my water bottle spill, When did water become thick and red? Oh, the pain. Fading in the background, Flurries of white coats, Incessant beeping, Voices shouting, Limbs numb. My dreams are crushed, Under the wheel Of a distracted car, My car. Under the arms Of a careless driver, Myself. I look down, Did somebody spill water, Big puddles on the floor, Glistening in the light. I look up, the teary faces of my parents, The sobbing face of my brother, Hands clutched in despair. Every day of distracted driving, Was a day waiting for the inevitable, Was a day waiting for the dawn of that long day which knows no night.